Partnership with H.I.P.


Walk into any home improvement store today and you will see many products now advertised as “installed for you at your home.”  Consumers are tired of the headaches of trying to find reliable contractors to install the products they purchased.  As a result, customers and retailers are now demanding home installation from product manufacturers.  However, few manufacturers are in the business of coordinating home installation. 


Home installation is a complicated business.  Creating a network of dependable, talented installers is tough.  Mix in the coordination of customers’ schedules, delivery of materials, local building requirements, weather, equipment malfunction and a multitude of other variables, and you have a business whose success depends on the proper execution of many details by many people. 


We have learned how to deliver excellent customer service in this market. We began ten years ago as an installer of storage buildings sold through the retail channel.  Due to the success of our offering, we quickly found ourselves installing product in half of the country.  During that time we installed over 100,000 products and have come across almost every challenge conceivable.  We have learned what works and what doesn’t. 


Today we have a large network of experienced installers that stretches from Maine to Virginia under the direction of strong, hands-on field management.  We have a customer service staff of over 50 professionals that handles everything from reviewing site requirements with the homeowner to following up after the installation has been completed.  Our customer service is the best in the industry.


Let us help your business provide that extra level of service without having to invest in the people and systems to do it well.  If you are interested in putting our knowledge and experience to work for you, please contact us at 866-616-2689.


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