Human Resources: Day in the Life


Jeff Dionne

Field Operations Recruiter
H.I.P. Employee since 2002

8:00 am

I check my voice mail first thing and return calls to subcontractors who want to build for us. Right now we’re gearing up for the busy season, so I have about 40 calls to return and probably more than 25 emails.


9:00 am

I ran five ads over the weekend and can’t return the calls fast enough. An average call is 20 minutes long as prospective installers want to know everything about our business and what they need to get their business off the ground.


10:00 am

I just got off the phone with Bob. He’s a great candidate. He has his own business, is bonded and has a great attitude. Once I’m off the phone, I enter his vitals into our database, which helps us track where the candidate is in the hiring process.


11:00 am

I interview a guy who wants to install for us in Maine . He’s right out of trade school and doesn’t have a lot of experience. He isn’t in a good place to start his own business but could be a good helper.


12:00 pm

While I have lunch, I check out the weather forecast and get an idea of what kind of week my crews are in for. Luckily, the rain has seemed to break for the next few days.


1:00 pm

I email my best candidates to the hiring managers. Each manager has a designated day that I set up interviews for, and I aim to schedule each day with back-to-back interviews.


2:30 pm

I sit with the president of H.I.P. and my director to nail down particulars of a trade show that I’ll be attending next week to recruit in the Buffalo area.


3:30 pm

I walk to customer service and look at the boards that list each crew’s name, whether they have any reschedules and if they were on time for their installs. It keeps me abreast of how my hires are doing in the field.


5:00 pm

My director sends out a “Funnel Report” each evening to our managerial team, so I pass updates on the status of all the crews in the funnel onto her before I leave for the day.

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