Information Technologies Employee Profile


Robin Fletcher

Business & Systems Analyst
H.I.P. employee since 2003


University of Potsdam , B.A.

Northeastern University, M.S. in Computer Science


What I Do:

I build datasets and web-based reports that give employees throughout the company real time data that enables them to better perform their job functions. I work with key people in each department to determine how new software or changes to our current data systems will make their jobs easier and streamline any training for new hires and employees.


What About My Position Fulfills Me:

The reason that I have been able to be so happy here is that I have been able to develop and define my job and draw upon my software engineering background. My job suits my background to a tee and it constantly morphs as I learn, so it changes with me and continues to be very challenging.


Why I think H.I.P. Is Unique:

We are an organization of very intelligent people with a very strong work ethic who still manage to laugh…a lot.


After Work I Can Be Found:

Kayaking, gardening and hanging out with friends.


Favorite TV Show:



Favorite Place To Visit:

Kayaking off Fort Foster in Maine


Favorite Book:

Three Muskateers


The One Thing I’ve Always Wanted To Do But Haven’t:

Travel to New Zealand

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