Information Technologies: Day in the Life


Robin Fletcher
Business & Systems Analyst

H.I.P. Employee since 2003

7:00 am

After I play with my puppy for a while, I dial from home into the VPN and do some data cleansing, which means that the data is updated and reflects the correct values.


9:00 am

I come into the office and immediately begin testing new software that we’ll be rolling out to the customer service area in a few weeks. The testing will take several hours.


12:30 am

I run out to the gym with a co-worker and get some lunch on the way back in.


1:30 pm

One of the coordinators has a problem with our inventory of returned products, so we discuss the issue and how to better our recordkeeping. I rewrite some of the data and we’ll meet later on today to discuss how to make improvements.


3:00 pm

I have a meeting with my manager. We’re trying to understand some data and need to write an SQL query to determine what it’s telling us.


4:30 pm

Brief systems meeting with the president to update our priorities on which reports and data need to be downloaded to Excel and manipulated.


5:30 pm

I list everything I’ve accomplished today in my notebook and what I need to do tomorrow so that I have starting place when I come in.

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