Field Operations Employee Profile



Field Operations Manager

H.I.P. Employee Since 2004

What I Do:

I oversee six installation crews who work in Maine , New Hampshire and Vermont . I travel extensively throughout these areas, checking in with my crews, trouble shooting when problems arise, and helping the guys improve how they install. I am constantly in touch with my customer service team who is based in our Portsmouth , NH , office, and I work with them to make sure that the customers are happy with their installation, that the crews are installing and pleased with how their day goes while also maintaining our yards where the crews pick up their materials each day. Every day is a different challenge.


What I Like Best About My Position:

The freedom to make choices and to be in control of my region. I have a manager who I report to, but I am able to run my crews and am out in the field owning the decisions I make daily.


Why I think H.I.P. Is Unique:

Anything can be resolved with a phone call. I am often talking to a customer who wants to know about a warranty or something that they have been promised by H.I.P., and I never have anyone I work with say, “I’ll get back to you.” Whether it’s my coordinator, customer service rep or director of operations, I know that I will be able to get in touch with the person I need and be able to provide my customer with an answer – which means they get the service they deserve. I have numerous resources at H.I.P., and to have an ultimate box of answers when you’re out in the field is very unusual.


What do you like best about your manager’s style?

My manager always lets me know what the expectations are. I respect him because he respects me. He always does his best to be there if I have questions and never balks at getting his hands dirty.


After Work I Can Be Found:

Fishing, riding my motorcycle, hanging out with my family.

Favorite Place To Visit:



Favorite TV Series:

America’s Funniest Videos. It’s a good show for the family.


Favorite Musician:

Lenny Kravitz


The Coolest Thing I’ve Done:

When I worked back in sales years ago, I won a simulated dogfight. I had never flown a plane before, but I went up with a pilot and he handed the stick to me at 75 feet and said, “You take it from there.” It’s just you and two planes coming after the other. There are laser guided bullets on the screens, even smoke that comes out of the tailpipe.


Who Would You Most Like To Sit & Have Dinner With?

The President of the United States.

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